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Welcome to This site is provided by NagraStar to help educate and inform people about the civil and criminal actions taken by NagraStar and their partners, DISH Network and Bell TV. These actions are taken against those who try to obtain DISH Network or Bell programming in a fraudulent manner including, but not limited to, receiving programming without authorization by and payment to DISH Network and Bell TV; or illegally designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, or using devices that could allow access to DISH Network or Bell TV satellite signals without authorization and payment.

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Nitro IPTV Loses $100m Piracy Lawsuit Leaving Hollywood Studios Fuming

A US court has ordered the former operators of pirate IPTV service Nitro TV to pay more than $100m in piracy damages to broadcaster DISH. While the defendants are likely to be somewhat upset, major Hollywood studios are absolutely fuming. Despite their lawsuit against Nitro being filed months earlier, it's still not over, allowing DISH to strike first against any available cash. In August 2021, US broadcaster DISH Network plus Sling and NagraStar sued pirate IPTV service Nitro TV.

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Certified Letter

Received a Letter?

Have you received a USPS certified letter similar to the one shown in the picture? Here at NagraStar, we send all first letters certified for tracking and legal purposes. These letters contain sensitive information, and for that reason, NagraStar must ensure that the letter reaches its intended recipient. Many choose to deny signing for the letter, and thus it is returned. Commonly, certified mail is sent by lawfirms and government agencies, and refusing the letter could result in legal ramifications. If you receive such a letter, NagraStar highly recommends accepting it. If you choose to ignore these letters and emails from NagraStar, you could be referred to our law firm, HNB, for litigation. Do not ignore the letter, and please contact NagraStar as soon as possible to resolve this legal matter.

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PrimeStreams IPTV Targeted in Multi-Million Dollar Piracy Lawsuit

PrimeStreams is one of the most recognizable pirate IPTV brands but after dealing with a hacker attack in 2019, more serious troubles lie on the horizon. The operators of PrimeStreams are now being sued in the United States, with potential damages easily running to tens of millions of dollars. Most suppliers, sellers and resellers in the pirate IPTV space face an interesting conundrum. On one hand, being unsuccessful dramatically reduces the odds of legal trouble but isn’t conducive to getting rich. On the other, a good product coupled with brand awareness can lead to commercial success, at least until that profile attracts the wrong type of attention.

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USD Cash

IPTV Pirate Agrees to Pay Well Over Half a Billion Dollars in Damages

Large-scale pirate IPTV operations can generate significant profits but with that comes the chance of significant liability should things go bad. A man from Canada who operated and sold pirate IPTV services is finding just how bad things can get. In response to a lawsuit, he's asking a US court to find him liable for $585 million in damages. He'll pay his own legal bills but not those of the plaintiff. In the final season of Breaking Bad, Walt and Skyler White are seen gazing at a huge quantity of banded banknotes representing some of the unlaundered profits of a drug empire. Neither really knew how much was there. Show creator Vince Gilligan later guessed at perhaps $80 or $95 million, give or take.

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Brazil's Operation 404

New Phase of ‘Operation 404’ Targets Pirate IPTV & TV Streaming Sites

'Operation 404', a Brazilian anti-piracy initiative carried out with support from the US and UK, claimed more successes this week. Police executed 13 search and seizure warrants against three TV piracy sites, two illegal streaming portals, and an IPTV provider. Three people were arrested with one suspect, an accountant, apparently caught 'red-handed' while streaming from his office. For the past three years, authorities in Brazil have displayed new momentum in the battle against all types of pirate sites.

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ACE Shuts Down Massive Pirate Site After Locating Owner in Remote Peru

As part of its global anti-piracy mission, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) has been trying to shut down, a massive pirate streaming site with roughly 70 million visits per month. After tracking down its operator in the remote countryside of Peru, the anti-piracy group says the site is no more. In October 2021, TorrentFreak learned that the Motion Picture Association and its anti-piracy partner Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment had taken an interest in one of the world’s most popular pirate streaming sites.

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SET TV Jolly Roger

Pirates Who Lost $90m IPTV Lawsuit Sued Again For Launching More Services

Troubles are mounting for the former operators of SetTV, a pirate IPTV service that was previously ordered to pay $90 million in damages to DISH Networks. After being accused of launching more pirate services in breach of an injunction in that matter, DISH Networks has now filed a full-blown lawsuit targeting several men and their new platforms. Back in 2018, broadcaster DISH Network sued the people behind pirate IPTV service SetTV. Within months, defendants Nelson Johnson and Jason LaBossiere found themselves on the wrong end of $90 million judgment for breaches of the Federal Communications Act.

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Jan van Voorn MPA VP

MPA Content-Protection Wing’s War Against Piracy: ‘We Will Find You and Shut Down Your Servers’

At any given moment, upward of 100 crack MPA investigators are on the hunt of pirates — not unlike the king’s sailors of olden days, ready to do battle. But the MPA is chasing those who would co-opt the world’s intellectual property. That’s the reassuring message of Jan van Voorn, the MPA’s executive vice president and chief of global content protection, who claims to bound out of bed every morning, eager to take on the malefactors. “I’m out there to protect the legitimate content creators, big and small. We’re out there to keep the marketplace clean, and most of the time we’re dealing with very bad guys. I’m happy to oppress the bad guys and let legitimate companies thrive.”

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Nitro TV

Pirate IPTV ‘Nitro TV’ Fails to Pay Own Lawyer, ACE & MPA Move In For The Kill

The ruination of those behind pirate IPTV service Nitro TV now seems almost inevitable. A lawsuit filed by DISH Network could result in a $100m judgment and in another, filed by members of the Alliance for Creativity, the only defendant to appear has now failed to pay his lawyer. That leaves the possibility of another judgment, potentially in excess of $250 million. Running a pirate IPTV service can be extremely profitable. One only has to look at the extraordinary wealth accumulated by Bill Omar Carrasquillo, aka Omi in a Hellcat, to see that tens of millions of dollars can be generated by a successful operation.

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Omi in a Hellcat

Omi in a Hellcat - Car YouTuber Pleads Guilty To Federal Piracy Charges

Under the crushing 62-page legal indictment filed by federal prosecutors, car YouTuber Omi in a Hellcat has pleaded guilty to charges of TV piracy. Initially, the online star said he wouldn’t back down to the intimidation, however it seems his attorney talked some sense into him. For the past five years, Omi not only has shown off his Hellcat but a number of other performance cars on his YouTube channel, amassing over a million followers. The guy has quite the collection of rides, including a C8 Corvette, Chrysler 300 SRT8, Shelby GT500, Lamborghini Urus, Camaro ZL1, Mercedes-AMG GT63S, and a Lamborghini Huracan.

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IBCAP announces $32 million lawsuit against Datacamp Limited

The International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP) announced a complaint filed today in the Northern District of Illinois against Datacamp Limited, a UK-based company providing global content delivery network (CDN) services under the names CDN77 and Datapacket. The complaint asserts claims against Datacamp for contributory and vicarious copyright infringement for allowing continued use of the Datacamp CDN by 11 pirate services. Such use directly infringes IBCAP member copyrights by transmitting nearly 40 television channels and the programs that air on those channels over the internet to users in the United States.

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