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Thomas Stanley, a Fugitive From Justice, Recovered in the Bahamas

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  • Thomas Stanley, a Fugitive From Justice, Recovered in the Bahamas

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    [Image credit: Bahamas News Ma Bey - July 3, 2021]

    On Friday July 2nd, 2021, a joint operation consisting of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and Bahamas Immigration was launched after receiving a tip regarding a fugitive from justice. While in the area of Pig Beach near Staniel Cay, the officers conducted a search of the vessel "Chillin like a Villain." The search uncovered five undeclared firearms and several rounds of ammunition. Thomas Stanley, the operator of the vessel, fled from the U.S. while on bail to escape prosecution. Stanley reportedly had a fake Spanish passport and was planning to flee to Mexico. Through cooperation between the U.S. Marshalls Service, Bahamian police, and a network of private parties, Stanley was ultimately captured and taken into custody. Stanley will remain in a Bahamas jail before being brought back to the United States for his sentencing.

    In 2018, Stanley was served with a cease and desist and remedial sanctions from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) regarding the offer and sale of unregistered securities. According to the SEC documents, Stanley – without telling investors - co-mingled funds among his investment entities to prop up his property projects. He also allegedly used investor funds to purchase a restaurant and a yacht for his own use. As charged, Stanley acted as an unregistered broker-dealer by soliciting investors in the E2E Entities, and frequently he would publicly solicit promissory notes without registering them with the SEC. Consequently, the SEC imposed a cease and desist order, barring Stanley from association with any financial trading services. The SEC also ordered Stanley to pay a disgorgement of $7,617,873 and prejudgment interest of $768,471.

    Later in 2019, Stanley was indicted by the state attorney of Palm Beach, Florida on patient brokering and conspiracy charges. Stanley was alleged to be a co-owner of Coastal Laboratory, a drug-testing laboratory in Lake Park that was at the center of a multimillion dollar patient-brokering scheme. According to prosecutors, Coastal billed insurance firms a staggering $141 million over two years for urine tests, as more than $6 million was kicked-back to operators of treatment centers for referring patients’ urine specimens to Coastal. Under Florida Law, it is illegal for a lab or health care provider to offer commissions or financial incentives to drug-treatment centers for the referral of patients.

    After being indicted for these charges of fraud and patient brokering, Stanley got into the illicit IPTV streaming business to fund his defense. Stanley was allegedly recruited as the money launderer for the illegal streaming service, SolTV. Stanley also allegedly laundered money for pirate TV resellers such as SetTV and SimplyTV, which purchased illegal content from SolTV. Thanks to a joint effort from the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force, the Royal Bahamas Police Force, the Bahamas Department of Immigration, and several private parties, Thomas Stanley will now be brought to justice.

    Post by Bahamas News Ma Bey, a local news outlet:

    Post by Patrick Zeigler, a bail bondsman who tracked Thomas Stanley:

    SEC Order against Thomas Stanley:

    Story from Palm Beach Post about patient-brokering scheme:

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