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IPTV Pirate Agrees to Pay Well Over Half a Billion Dollars in Damages

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  • IPTV Pirate Agrees to Pay Well Over Half a Billion Dollars in Damages

    May 7, 2022 by Andy Maxwell [TorrentFreak]
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    Large-scale pirate IPTV operations can generate significant profits but with that comes the chance of significant liability should things go bad. A man from Canada who operated and sold pirate IPTV services is finding just how bad things can get. In response to a lawsuit, he's asking a US court to find him liable for $585 million in damages. He'll pay his own legal bills but not those of the plaintiff.

    In the final season of Breaking Bad, Walt and Skyler White are seen gazing at a huge quantity of banded banknotes representing some of the unlaundered profits of a drug empire.

    Neither really knew how much was there. Show creator Vince Gilligan later guessed at perhaps $80 or $95 million, give or take. Small change for Elon Musk perhaps but to most other people, it’s an astronomical amount of money.

    In the case of a man from Canada, who has just asked a US court to hold him liable for massive damages relating to his sale of pirate IPTV subscriptions, it is not nearly enough. In an ideal world, the pile of cash would be six times bigger.

    IPTV Pirate Sued in the United States

    Three days before Christmas in 2020, broadcaster DISH Network and technology partner NagraStar got in the festive spirit by filing a lawsuit (with more than 260 exhibits attached) against Canada-resident Carlos Rocha. According to the complaint, Rocha was the controlling operator of SolTV and Stream Solutions, pirate streaming services offering DISH content in breach of the broadcaster’s rights.

    DISH investigations revealed that Rocha had connections to SET TV, a pirate IPTV service already defeated by DISH via a separate $90 million judgment. Another IPTV service, Simply-TV, was also targeted by DISH and as part of that litigation, the broadcaster uncovered more connections to Rocha.

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