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Jung Kwak aka Mr.Viewsat – Apology

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  • Jung Kwak aka Mr.Viewsat – Apology

    Originally posted on 2010-02-12

    Jung Kwak aka Mr.Viewsat – Apology

    I have been involved with attempts to decrypt the Nagra 3 security system recently implemented by Dish network.
    I want to share my experience with any others who are considering engaging in this type of conduct as regards Dish network or any other encrypted systems.
    I have been arrested and pled guilty to trying to decrypt Nagra 3 to post the code for my financial gain, and now I face a serious sentence of incarceration as a result of my actions. Had I been successful, the decoding would have spurred sales of the free to air boxes in which I had an interest.
    I now understand the federal government takes this kind of activity quite seriously, and they, in cooperation with Dish networkinvestigators, will fine and imprison any persons involved in that activity. And we are not hard to find.
    In addition to Dish network being a potential victim of the crime, all of the
    networks to whom they pay a fee also lose money. Consequently, the money the networks have to pay all of the people who work in the industry suffer. This includes the writers, actors, directors, stage hands, etc.
    I would urge any who read this to please take heed of the serious consequences of stealing encrypted material. And I would encourage others to continue to be law-abiding and to dissuade existing and future satellite pirates. What I have gone through and will go through is simply not worth it.
    Jung Kwak
    CEO Viewtech Inc.

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