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Public Statement by Phillip Allison “TheBroken”

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  • Public Statement by Phillip Allison “TheBroken”

    Originally posted on 2009-12-29

    Public Statement by Phillip Allison “TheBroken”

    My name is Phillip Allison, and I am a retired satellite pirate. While it may seem fun to you, to watch TV, at the expense of the provider (Dish Network), I assure you, it is very WRONG. On March 30th, 2009, I was visited by several federal law enforcement officers, 2 Lawyers from Dish Network, and a number of local law enforcement officers, in Pinellas County Florida. They were not kind to me, they were not polite, as a matter of fact, my family was awakened at 7:20am, at gunpoint. For 6 hours my home was searched for materials used for pirating signals from Dish Network. More than $25K in materials were removed from my home, including an XBOX hard drive, several FTA units, around 10 computers, several hard disk drives, SD cards, USB sticks, and even my Microsoft Zune.
    I was arrested, and sat in holding with drug smugglers, murderers, suspected terrorists, money launderers, murderers, and weapons peddlers. I was transported in an airplane, that should have been retired 10 years ago. I was shackled, chained, and cuffed 3 times a day, for 33 days. I face 5 years in prison for “Free TV”. Dish Network owns my home, my prize automobile, a 1992 VW Corrado, and because of my felony conviction, I will never be able to vote, hold public office, own a firearm, nor sign a contract for any of a number of restricted employment opportunities. My life is ruined.

    Now you may be thinking that I am writing you this to save myself. Maybe I want to reduce my sentence? No, I already penned a deal with the US Government, concerning my sentencing. I will not go into the details of my sentence, but even when the sentence is completed, my life is essentially over. So while you sit there, watching your stolen TV, consider what may happen WHEN, not IF you get caught, because you should consider the STRONG possibility that you WILL get caught. What will it do to your family when you get caught? What will it mean for your hard to get job, WHEN you get caught? How will the jail time feel, when you get caught? Is it worth the “FREE” TV? Is it worth the RISK?

    Choose wisely. Dish Network is determined to stop piracy at ANY cost. They have ruined my life to stop piracy, and I’m sure, as things progress they WILL get more and more aggressive, odds are they WILL find you, and odds are you will face a similar experience as me.

    Stop stealing TV, Get a subscription to DirecTV, Comcast, Dish, Brighthouse, Cox, something….

    Don’t risk your life over frigging TV, its not so free after all.
    Your pal, TheBroken.

    “Follow-up response by TheBroken” as posted on
    I can assure you, I have not been asked to write this plea to you, it was not written for me, and if you read any of my prior posts, I have a very good grasp on the english language. I have no other reason to write the post, but as a warning, because a shi#storm is coming, and I dont want to see any more people get sucked into the vacuum, that is Dish Network‘s legal team, and their pull on the law enforcement officials at their disposal…

    All Hell has broken loose, people are going to jail, and getting drug through the court system like sheep to the slaughter, and you guys sit around like nothing is wrong, waiting for your FIX. It amazes me that so many people can be so damn blind, as to the ramifications of the current string of legal actions, and to put it in the simplest terms possible, we aint in Kansas no more, Dorothy.

    If they feel that going after end users will put an end to the battle against free-tv’ers, that will be their next move. Television as a whole is in its death throws, and Dish and pals intend to get every last dime possible while the getting is good, and if that means dragging granny and cousin Jeb into court over an IKS dongle… thats what they will do.

    They have already shown that they intend to go after the end users by their (failed) demands to Coolsat, and others, now, we have IKS servers going down, with IP logs, and soon, people are going to start getting letters in the mail demanding an explanation as to why there was 1 request on average, every 15 seconds from that IP address that the ISP leased to you for the 3600 minutes (or more in some cased) on X date, at X time, to a known piracy device that was confiscated (logs and all) in some podunk town in crimeville USA.

    It was a warning…. Intended to enlighten, not to scare… Take it or leave it, I dont care… I get the same sentence no matter what.

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