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DrSagan (Carl Summers) Public Apology

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  • DrSagan (Carl Summers) Public Apology

    Originally posted on 2010-12-13

    DrSagan (Carl Summers) Public Apology

    Many of you know me from the forums as “DrSagan”. For several years I have been involved in the creation and distribution of piracy software, and in assisting others in the theft of DISH Network programming. I was also involved in the set-up, code support and operation of theCoolsat IKS server.

    In February 2010, I was sued in California federal court by DISH Network, their security provider NagraStar, and their receiver manufacturer EchoStar Technologies. In June of 2010 I was ordered to appear before the Court by a federal judge. It was at that time that I found out DISH Network knew all about the Coolsat IKS server and the assistance I had provided in the set-up and operation of that server. DISH Network’s attorneys had copies of many of my emails, chat logs, and posts. They also had obtained sworn testimony from people that I was closely involved with in the piracy community.

    On October 15 of this year, the California federal court entered a judgment against me in the amount of $14,860,800 as well as a permanent injunction order preventing me from future piracy-related activities under penalty of contempt.

    I never made much money from my involvement in DISH Network piracy or the operation of the Coolsat IKS server, but it did not matter. The federal statutes that I violated expressly allowed for fines and penalties of up to $110,000 per act of circumvention or piracy I engaged in or assisted others to engage in. In the context of IKS, I learned that each time a new control word is provided by an IKS server or received by an end user that was a violation of the federal statutes. As in my case, this amounts to an extremely large amount of damages in a short amount of time.

    Now that there is a judgment against me for almost $15 million dollars and a permanent injunction, I realize that DISH Network and NagraStar were harmed by my actions and for that I am genuinely sorry. Everyone that reads this and is even remotely involved in piracy should think hard about what they are doing and the serious consequences that can follow – it’s simply not worth the risks. DISH Network and NagraStar continue to aggressively investigate the theft of their services and, as I can attest, they will find and prosecute you to the fullest extent allowed by law as well as put bounties on your heads. And if you do not believe me … just check out all their successes on their website:

    Carl Summers, DrSagan

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