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Statement from an FTA Zeta pirate

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  • Statement from an FTA Zeta pirate

    Years ago I purchased a receiver at a flea market with the code (donation) loaded in the receiver and the instructions on how to purchase a new code in the future along with the instructions on how to load it. From the very beginning every week there was a problem and I had to continue reading on numerous websites on how to correct the problems. On the websites they advertise how great there service is and the support they will give, the only support they give is tell you to read all the problems other people have with no solution to the problem. For the last three years there has been constant freezing of all channels and having to change the tp’s every week. And then every time you watch a really good program right in the middle of the program it quits working. Kind of like, if you want to see the program entirely then subscribe to Dish Network and you can see the whole program. I always had in the back of my mind, I wonder if this isn’t a way for Dish to advertise there service. And then everytime I renewed my donation I would get a call from my bank saying are you sure you want to do this transaction this is a clothing store in China. I finally figured out it was not worth the hassle and it was by far cheaper just to pay and watch the entire program on Dish Network. Now I get a letter from Nagrastar stating that they have my records from 4 years ago and from the credit card companies that ( IKS NFPS ) use and want to take me to court. When I first got the letter I thought it was a scam from the Chinese. Then I started to do some research on the internet and found out it was for real and serious money when your caught. I called an attorney and he said the retainer to fight it would be more then the settlement amount. Check out the following website. ( dockets. ) and put Nagrastar in party name. And if your still in doubt pay the small amount and get the court records and it will get your attention quickly. Also check out the FTA site the only advice they have is TOO BAD, JUST PAY THE MONEY WE ARE SORRY WE LEAKED YOUR INFORMATION. Or ignore the certified letter and hope it goes away and then have to hire an attorney when the sheriff serves papers for you to appear in court at the rate of $200. To $400 per hr. Well the end of the story is I did what IKS an FTA said PAY THE MONEY. I have always been told there is no free lunches and this was an expensive one.

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