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  • Statement from a frustrated pirate

    My experience with NFPS was less than favorable, to say the least. Like so many others, I was lured in with the idea of "Free To Air" satellite and
    "testing". I recently received a letter from NagraStar which succinctly informed me that the US court system determined that any involvement in
    "testing" amounted to piracy. Rather than dealing with an expensive legal battle to profess my innocence in any wrong doing, I chose to reach a
    financial settlement with NagraStar. Dealing with NagraStar counsel was both cordial and informative and the matter is behind us with both parties
    satisfied with the outcome. Looking back on the NFPS service, I'd have to honestly say it was poor to marginal. The video service was more often than
    not freezing to the point of being unwatchable and very frustrating. While the NFPS forum was informative, often the members provided vague and sometimes
    snarky responses to folks seeking assistance. Critical feedback of the service was often met with bullying and denial and related discussion was
    sequestered and discouraged. Live and learn, as they say.

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