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  • Statement from a responsible pirate

    A little while ago I posted the letter / email I received from nagrastar on this forum. No one responded for awhile and then finally someone posted that I should ignore it. Well it wasn’t twenty minutes later I received a phone call froim nagrastar. Now the heat is really on. Emails, letters phone calles. The additional evidence that I had renewed my suib 3 times killed my defense that I didn’t use my code for tv.

    I suggest you do not ignore the emails or the letters. The email comes fiurst the letter comes econd the lawsuit comes third.

    Ignoring the letter is not the best advice. I was on the short list of people who to get a visit from nagrastar investigator. Settling was not that bad. You just have to take some responsibiliuty and nagrastar takes care of the rest.

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