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Pirate from Puerto Rico, Statement of Facts

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  • Pirate from Puerto Rico, Statement of Facts

    For not investigating well before, I ended up using piracy.
    My name is [REDACTED] and I'm from Puerto Rico. 9 years ago I tried to watch television paying less than a subscription without having knowledge that it was not legal. When I knew it was not legal, I got out of that deal. About a month ago I received a certified letter from Nagrastar with a case in court because of what I did. I contacted Nagrastar and they were flexible with me, giving me a fine and payment plan for it. What I did was not with knowledge, but I did it and I am aware that I have to pay. The law does not fail and now for that mistake I have to pay. I urge everyone who reads this to see it as a piece of advice and ignore the wonders they offer you online. Everything good has its cost and all the errors have to be paid.

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