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    I am writing this to let you know that I was using a pay reseller code from nfps back in 2014 I believe, and now 4 years later have been found out from a credit card record on the service end. The service sucked pretty bad but I thought eh for $70 year ill try it. It was beyond horrible so much that i never used it much as trying to get help was done by kissing arse on the forums and then being told to keep searching the forum. But I did pay for unauthorized access thinking that end users had nothing to risk. I received an email from satscams and thought first it was a phishing scam but didn't want to chance it being real as it is 2 weeks to respond or be sued in in federal court for over [REDACTED] and all court fees. Found out it was real and decided to call the number and settle as there really is no other option except go to big boy court and I have no time or money.

    Sincerely, Wisconsin X-pirate.

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