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Apology from a pirate in college

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  • Apology from a pirate in college

    "I was young and vulnerable and fell in the trap of cheap TV service. Being a college student, anything that’s cheap attracts one’s eye and that’s what attracted me towards IKS TV services. They offered one-time yearly payment and offered all channels including PPV and made it very easy to fell in their trap. They also mentioned on their website this was legal as it was catching signals that are in the air for free. After purchasing the service, it was clear that something wasn’t right as the payment charged on my card was from a toy store in China. After, following their instructions, I was up and running just to find out that it had many down time and you had to wait long time if something happened to their service and there was no customer service to call however, they did have a help forum where people posted questions asking for help. My experience with IKS was terrible and after I got to know from NagraStar that this was illegal, I regretted purchasing an illegal service and switched to Dish Network right now. This is very embarrassing for me to have to admit, but I was wrong and cheapest option is not always the safest or legal."

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