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Statement from an IKS pirate in Georgia

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  • Statement from an IKS pirate in Georgia

    Received Dec. 19, 2018

    "I am writing this to let everyone know that back in 2015 I purchased an IKS code from a reseller that assured me that it was perfectly ok. I could not even get the code to work, Don't know if he was a bad reseller or I just didn't know how to make it work. Never the less, I could get no help from the reseller after several attempts. I just decided I would write that off as a bad decision and take my loss. I received a letter from Nagra Star almost 4 years later with proof of the transaction that I had made with the reseller. I thought it might be a scam and the reseller was playing a trick on me. But after research I found out this is (REAL)!!! You only have like 14 days to respond to the letter or go to court and pay the penalty of over [REDACTED] plus court costs. It is just not worth the time and effort. I strongly advise you if you are in this same situation, to call and settle with Nagra Star. They are real people just doing their job and are really there to help you."

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