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Statement from a Papiao pirate

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  • Statement from a Papiao pirate

    Received Jan. 2, 2019

    We were recently informed by Nagrastar and (name omitted) that we had been part of some kind of pirating thing from 4 years ago, due to a charge on our credit card. We had received a letter in the mail from Nagrastar and we almost tossed it thinking it was a scam. Upon some research and an email to Nagrastar we discovered it was not a scam. After reaching out to Nagrastar they informed us that we owed them a large amount of money for a small charge on our credit card that happened 4 years ago. We were very surprised as we did not know we did anything illegal. What we purchased was, in our eyes, much like Netflix, A yearly fee for online viewing of tv shows and movies. After just a short amount of time trying out this service we decided Netflix was really the best option for us and continue our service with them. A very expensive error made on our part! We are still not sure the difference between most of the online viewing options and what we had bought into. I do hope they crack down on the sellers of these services as they freely sold it to us as a service provided to watch tv & movies on. Confusing as to how that can even happen so easily and be so illegal.

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