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Statement from a pirate moving on in life

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  • Statement from a pirate moving on in life

    Received Mar. 20, 2019.

    Four years ago I was a person who used to do Free To Air ( F.T.A.) and it was very little channels most in different languages, pour quality. Then the internet was abuzz about IKS. Info on how to buy a code that would get you more channels. So looked into it and purchased a code , that never worked correctly, always down. No help from the website that advertised there product. The weird transaction with the payment on Credit Card, to a out of the country payment. So I gave it up. Along comes a letter just a few months ago, I am being sued by Nagrastar and DISH. They have my C.C transaction, my name, my address the date from four years ago when it was made. And they are going to take me to court. I searched the internet to make sure this was not a scam. End result, not a scam. Talked about a settlement, paid the agreed amount, and moving on with my life.

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