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  • Statement from a surprised pirate

    Received Mar. 25, 2019.

    On March 22,2019 I have got a letter from NagraStar, I was Surprised when I read the entire letter! Wow I did not know nothing about these issues,a time ago a friend told me about "Free Air" television,also told me there was no problem using this way of seeing television because the signal was in the air,also all what is in the air is free to use,me I dont know nothing about this technology so I accept to use it! That was all,I am so sorry for doing this without knowing it was punished by law. I ask him several times if this was safe to use and he always told me yes,"Dont worry everything is ok" so I did believe what he told me,also he told me if the boxes are sold in Ebay is because everything is ok. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for running into this action. Thank you for helping me with my payments, I am very grateful.

    Sincerely, [REDACTED]

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