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Statement from a pirate in Illinois

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  • Statement from a pirate in Illinois

    Received Mar. 23, 2019.

    I found a site that said they offered free for all tv. Well it was not free and didn't work. I was wrong and am guilty for using the site and ordering numbers for our personal use. The boxes were available to buy on ebay so a person could think well maybe there is nothing wrong with doing this. That thinking was wrong. It is illegal and it is wrong. Dish Network has my sincerest apologies on trying to obtain their services in this way.
    I am a senior citizen who was trying to save some money and all the posts on the site that I found implied that there was nothing illegal about getting numbers to obtain this service. Well it is illegal and I was wrong to try to get free services from Dish Network. We could not get the service to work and disposed of the boxes and threw away the numbers. We are very appreciative of Nagra Star settling with us on what we felt was a reasonable amount and encourage anyone else that receives a letter to take this seriously and call them immediately to settle. Do not ignore the letter as the problem of using and ordering numbers from someone to try and get free services is wrong. Thank you Nagra Star for being understanding and advise anyone who sees any kind of advertising for this kind of service that if it seems to good to be true it is exactly that too good to be true. Dish Network has our sincerest apologies for being involved in this use of illegal number to try and get free services. A lesson learned the hard way.

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