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Statement from a pirate in Texas

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  • Statement from a pirate in Texas

    Received Mar. 23, 2019.

    To whom it may concern,

    I moved to US a few years ago and thought about using international satellite system to watch free TV programs from my home country. I started looking online for tutorials to setup the receiver, dish, channel frequencies, etc. I then found a very cheap new service for US TV at very low rates using the same receiver I had purchased for international free channels. There were clear instructions and tutorials on how to use on this forum that I had found online and it looked like a legitimate program provider. service was very unreliable and it was down most of the time. Then I figured they did not even have a customer service or tech support for troubleshooting so I ended up not using their program after only a few months. I eventually switched to Sling TV which is under Dish Network and for a little more money I get very reliable good quality TV program.

    A few weeks ago I received an Email followed up by a certified letter to my new home address from NagraStar. After doing some research and reviewing NagraStar’s website I found out that services were actually through pirating DISH Network signal and then reselling the channels illegally to me and NagraStar has won almost all the cases they went to court for, even the cases similar to myself were the end user was unknowingly pirating Dish Network’s signal. This was very frustrating so I called NagraStar and explained my story to them and they were very understanding and kind. They offered me a much more reasonable settlement with discounted penalty and a few easy steps to give up my equipment and forum credentials and to show to them that I will never use similar services.

    Trying to save money ended up costing me so much more in time, stress and money. I am truly sorry for any financial harm I may have caused to DISH Network and to its customers. I learned a lesson to always do thorough research and go with legitimate providers instead of signing up for cheaper, questionable providers.

    Anonymous end user

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