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Statement from a pirate raising awareness about IKS

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  • Statement from a pirate raising awareness about IKS

    Received Apr. 10, 2019.

    To whom this may concern,

    I am writing this to help and raise awareness for innocent individuals such as myself and others who are victims of satellite tv purchase from an online IKS service in 2015.

    Like many others at the time of purchase, I was intrigued by the satellite tv using IKS which I purchased online. Not knowing the IKS source and it whereabout, I was convinced that this is a legitimate oversea provider and providing legitimate services to the consumer.

    After receiving a certified mail from Nagrastar and speaking with a professional representative that I realized that the purchase I made back in 2015 end up being fraudulent and dishonest. If I was to know from the beginning that the IKS purchased online violate DISH Network pay-television programming, I would not make the purchase.

    I hope by reading this and many facts from others will help anyone who is thinking about satellite tv to go with the legitimate service providers such as DISH, Direct TV, etc. Save your money and future legal issue that you might face by purchasing IKS from an online or offline provider.


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