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Statement from a pirate who believed our letters were a scam

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  • Statement from a pirate who believed our letters were a scam

    Received Apr. 12, 2019.

    I am a working professional. DO NOT IGNORE ANY LETTER FROM NAGRASTAR.

    I thought at first the letter was a hoax. Then, it dawned on me, I vaguely remembered from several years back that a friend had “helped me with my cable service”. I remember them setting everything up and telling me that I needed to pay a certain amount of money to this company with a really strange name. They told me that it would be due every year; but for all those channels, I thought I was getting such a deal. Due to my recollection, after reading the letter Nagrastar sent, I started to panic.

    I chalked it up to a scam and threw out the letter. Then, I received a second one, a Final Demand, with a follow-up email. Hmmm…. This company wasn’t stopping. So, I extended the research I did on the company before, read over again all the legal sites said to not ignore it, but then some forums said to ignore. So, I called Dish, they said they ARE affiliated with Nagrastar. What a smack in the face that was. I didn’t stop there though. The sample case they provide you, the one that seems like the scam part because it’s such an astronomical amount of money ([REDACTED])? Yeah, it’s a legit case. I googled the case and found the Attorney and the Law Office that handled that specific case for Nagrastar.

    This part is a little embarrassing, I am a working a professional and have actually worked with the firm on the, “this is what could happen to you letter” so I decided to give them a call because they are exceptionally credible. They confirmed the worst-it was legitimate and I needed to respond.

    Long story short, you are probably reading this because its already too late, do yourself a favor, save the time, money, sleepless nights and anxiety by CALLING THEM. They are not difficult to deal with and actually understood my situation, however unfortunate.

    Work with them, and this is my reminder to myself, if it seems too good to be true-IT IS!

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