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Statement from a pirate with a Dreamlink FTA receiver

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  • Statement from a pirate with a Dreamlink FTA receiver

    Received Apr. 16, 2019


    Piracy isn't worth the risks, or the consequences. I purchased a Dreamlink FTA unit to get free FTA (free to air) tv. Never got FTA working and after a while I searched and found a site online that offered code for FTA units to watch Dishnet USA programming for a fee. They offered free instructions on their forum to setup the Dreamlink FTA. The service was unreliable and was down a lot of the time. The moderators were rude and not very helpful.

    On 4/11/2019 I received an email from notifying me of violations and consequences. I searched the internet and determined that the email was legit and it was in my best interest to call NagraStar with the number provided to resolve this issue. I was greeting with a kind and considerate gentleman named Shawn that explained in detail the evidence and ways I could resolve this issue. I accepted the resolution and was given an option to get a dicscounted penalty by sending NagraStar my Dreamlink equipment and making reasonable monthly payments.

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