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Statement from a Locotequila.TV pirate

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  • Statement from a Locotequila.TV pirate

    Received Apr. 22, 2019.

    Out of curiosity I purchased an FTA satellite receiver. I became aware that codes were available on certain web sites that enabled the reception of Dish Network's signal. I purchased the codes not knowing that I was breaking the law. The code seller did not state that using the codes to enable DN signal reception was illegal. After some time of trying to receive DN's signal on the FTA receiver, I found it to be very unreliable and cumbersome. I eventially became aware that using the FTA receiver to get DN's programming might be illegal. So, I stopped using the FTA receiver. Now, years later, I am having to pay a fine to Nagrastar which places a financial burden on me as I am 76 and living off of my Social Security. I regret ever buying an FTA receiver and apologize to Dish Network for illegally obtaining their programming.

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