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Statement from a pirate who made a mistake

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  • Statement from a pirate who made a mistake

    Received Apr. 24 2019

    I made a mistake. Four years ago, I made a payment to a subscription to watch TV channels. I thought I was not committing any crime. I was wrong I was watching Dish Network channels including premium channels. I received a certified letter from Nagrastar telling me to communicate with them. The staff explained to me very professionally the process to follow to solve the situation. I agreed to a payment plan with them to fulfill my responsibility for the mistake made. What I have come up with is a lesson in life. I learned to be more cautious with the services they offer online. I recommend to anyone who does not subscribe to any illegal service online. If you have doubt about a service do not subscribe. The consequences are terrible. My recommendation for all the people who have received the letter is that they communicate with Nagrastar and assume responsibility in good faith. It is not worth getting into legal lawsuits if an agreement can be reached.

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