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Statement from a pirate who started in 2009

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  • Statement from a pirate who started in 2009

    Received May 6, 2019.

    I first began reading about the ability to receive de-scrambled dish signals on the internet around 2009. I became highly interested in such, so it would save my family some money. I was actually a DISH customer at the time, and really thought the idea of getting free tv was a good one. I did receive sat receivers that originally had to be connected straight to the "brands" server. Then as a brand would die out, would update the type of receiver I had. Originally all I needed was a code to update. But over time, it evolved into needing to be connected to the internet at all times. They companys all changed to IKS, or internet Key Sharing. I believe I did this for 2 years or so, but over time, I became worried that there was more troublesome than it was worth. I can say I knew it was wrong, but did not think it was "wrong enough" for anyone to care. Then I started seeing DISH go after end users of the services that I had chosen, then decided that I should stop. Looking back at it I was glad at the time to have the "free" service (or in my mind more cost effective). Now I wish I had never even known about it. I was sent a letter 5 or so years after I had stopped, but it was just to an old email address. I decided it was better to come forward and admit my wrong doing, and attempt to clear the matter up. Looking back at it, it was totally not worth it, nor the stress it put on family years after the fact. Now that everything is cleared up, I can move on without worry.

    In closing, if you are thinking about iks or pirate satellite tv, don't do it. You will simply regret it, and it is NOT worth the stress. Just get the subscription service you can afford, and live life worry free.

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