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Statement from a pirate with a Jynxbox

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  • Statement from a pirate with a Jynxbox

    Received May 15, 2019.

    Hi. To start, I just want to apologize for my misconduct. I wish I would have gone with my gut feeling, and said "no" when I was told if I wanted it. I was told it wasn't illegal because it was in the internet where anyone could easily access it. That if it was illegal, the web page would have already been removed. Also that it was not as expensive because it was through the internet. I still thought it was kind of shady, and it took some time but I was finally convinced "big mistake." I used a Jynxbox and to be honest, I didn't really use it much. It froze a lot. It's not worth it, and I learned from this experience a lot. It it sounds too good to be true, be careful, if it sounds illegal. "Don't do it." Hopefully everyone that got the letter learns from this. I know I did.

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