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Statement from a "satellite hobbyist" pirate - "DO NOT GET INVOLED IN THIS!!!"

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  • Statement from a "satellite hobbyist" pirate - "DO NOT GET INVOLED IN THIS!!!"

    Received May 15, 2019.

    My experience with IKS Private Serve aka FTA (Free To Air) satellite began with a barter for plumbing services from a neighbor. He said I would have free pay per view and numerous other cable channels by becoming a "satellite hobbyist." The neighbor provided a receiver that was purchased at a local swap and wired up an old dish that he stuck next to my shed on the patio. He used my credit card to issue a "donation" to IKS Private Serve for what he called "technical support." That's when I should have realized this wasn't free at all. But I figured what do I have to lose because after all he paid me back. But looking back what a mistake I made. First off the system never worked. It never had a decent signal, I couldn't stand calling this neighbor for help, it was frustration and annoying. To top it off I have been paying for my local cable provider all along so I ditched the dish. Fast forward 4 years and I get a letter demanding a large sum of cash, turns out I was pirating the DISH Network signal. At first you want to believe it's a scam but you soon realize (with research) that this letter is legitimate, it's a crime and I'm involved. What a headache, DO NOT GET INVOLED IN THIS!!! You will regret it. If you become involved with pirating DISH Network signal it will cost you your hard earned money plain and simple. DON'T DO IT!

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