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Statement from a Fish TV pirate in Kansas

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  • Statement from a Fish TV pirate in Kansas

    Received May 20, 2019.

    Like others misled into getting involved with IKS codes under the guise of "Free to Air" satellite and alleged "IPTV" services, my experience with FishTV/IKS codes has been negative, to say the least. Specifically, during the alleged time period I had guests in my home from India who had kids who wanted access to Indian television programs to keep them entertained. At the request of the parents, I shared my PayPal details with them to be able to purchase a promotional subscription to the Indian channels. As Indians, we feel obliged to take care of all needs for guests at home.

    I am not clear how and when they connected with providers/ administrators. They used my home computer and laptop which had my email configured. I did not see any concern, since I was paying for the service anyway. Because I was not involved in the transaction, that is all I can tell from the evidence provided. Nevertheless, the house guests never told me about the source of the channels or that they got codes which intercepted or provided unauthorized access to DISH's satellite signal, as I believe they were never made aware of this either.

    As such, under the belief that their conduct was legal and that they were providing a donation for a discounted or foreign cable service, we received a subscription in 2013 and they renewed same through the FishTV service until they left at the end of the year. Since then, the house guests have returned to India. Regardless, I apologize for any harm caused.

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