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Statement from a pirate who simply used an IKS trial

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  • Statement from a pirate who simply used an IKS trial

    Received June 6, 2019.

    Back in 2013 I purchased a IKS trial from FishTV for a measely $10, I barely tried the trial to see if it actually worked, while it did infact work, it was really poor service compared to an actual Dish Subscription, I was then and currently am to this day a legitimate Dish Subscriber, I let the trial expire and never did nothing else with it, put it in the back of my mind until a few weeks ago (now 6 years later) FishTV got shutdown and I got a letter threatening legal action. So that $10 trial will ultimately cost me [REDACTED] because I decided to be an idiot and try it. Long story short, don't waste your time and money, if you want the services, just buy legit Dish service, they really are the best pay satellite provider which is why I never did cancel my service to begin with. In closing I regret making a stupid decision, we are all human, make stupid mistakes and we learn from them, some times the hard way.

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