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Statement from an FTAZeta pirate

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  • Statement from an FTAZeta pirate

    Received June 10, 2019.

    I came across the FTA websites after searching google about cutting the cord and trying to save on my monthly costs. I was misled into it being advertised as another IPTV service, and found many websites selling these services. I was not familiar with how it worked or what was needed, so I read about it on I was excited that I could get these services at a discounted rate. But after getting involved, I found that it was a negative experience.

    The forum that I stumbled across was After reading on the site, I was contacted by a forum member who sent me to IKSRocketPS. He advised all that they needed was a donation to keep the website running. I was given a trial subscription in exchange for this donation. However, I had no idea this was providing unauthorized access to services by Dish. This was never disclosed by the admin, so I assumed that this was no different than any other service being sold on the internet. Since it was my belief that this was a legitimate legal service and I was providing a donation for a discounted foreign IPTV service, I received a discounted subscription in 2013 and renewed it again in 2014 through I sincerely apologize for my actions, and vow to never do this again.

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