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Statement from a pirate seeking Telugu channels

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  • Statement from a pirate seeking Telugu channels

    Received June 10, 2019.

    I wish I never heard of IKS or even FTA services, as this whole experience has felt like a scam. Like many others reported online, I was completely tricked into buying these codes. I thought it was a free to air service, all I was doing was giving a donation to the website from a link on the FTA website. I didn't know anything about FTA or IPTV and just wanted access to certain South Asian Telugu channels that I couldn't access here. At no point did any website, admin, or forum user mention of the source of the codes or that they were selling illegal/unauthorized codes.

    As such, under the belief that my conduct was legal and that I was providing a donation for a discounted or foreign FTA/IPTV service, I got a promotional subscription in 2012 and renewed same through the ikXs and Papiao.TV services, for which I sincerely apologize.

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