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Statement from a pirate scammed at a flea market

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  • Statement from a pirate scammed at a flea market

    Received June 13, 2019.

    I was in my local flea market where I saw a booth called The FTA Man, so out of curiosity I stopped and talked to the man and he told me that he could set up satellite in my other rooms for free with the boxes that he was selling. I purchased two of them. Then he told me that I had to purchase a key to make them work. Not understanding the technology of it all, I purchased the key. Well, the boxes worked for a while then they stopped. When I went back to the flea market to question the guy, of course the booth was no longer there. That was when I found out that I had fallen victim to one of the biggest scams ever. I smashed the boxes and threw them away.

    As a disabled widow with little income I took the word of a stranger as truth because I just thought I was saving money, not committing a crime.

    I am very sorry for my actions as this incident does not reflect the person that I am.

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