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    I originally got into satellite when my grandma had one of those large 10 foot dishes when i was a kid. I thought it was cool you could point it at so many points in the sky and get free TV. Fast forward to the late 90s and i ran into a guy selling cards for primestar(?) that unlocked all the channels. I couldnt afford to buy one but he showed me how it worked and i thought it was cool to be able to one up the encryption. Move into the mid 2010s and i remembered the satellite stuff so one day while bored and not able to afford real tv, i hopped on the internet looking for free satellite stuff and I came across FTA. Historically(im old), you could find information from real people about anything on IRC. So i searched for IRC channels and found some. They were run by some canadian fellows who were nice enough to refer me to some hardware site where I purchased a sonicview box. Once it arrived, I set everything up and it was supposed to just work by flashing a custom rom to it. It didnt. So i went online and found out that these boxes didnt work like that anymore so you were supposed to buy an nfusion box. So i boxed it up until i thought about it again in 2014. I looked online and someone had made in internet adapter for these old(by then) SV boxes. i purchased one of the adapters and searched on irc for how to make it work. I found some files on some webpage and flashed them to the device. It still didnt work. The device was asking for a code. I seached online and found I had to purchase and IKS code. I found and purchased a code and put all the relevant info into the unit. It says its connected(yay). So i try to watch some premium channels.....shit doesnt work. It plays for a few seconds but then freezes and you have to reboot the unit. Same with porn and PPV. Local channels worked pretty good though. We would try to watch some stuff and say in a 90 minute movie, we would have to reboot maybe 12 times. Waste of money and time, and now i get to pay so much more for it. SMFH
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