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Statement from a Papiao pirate seeking Asian channels

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  • Statement from a Papiao pirate seeking Asian channels

    Received July 11, 2019.

    I came across FTA receivers when digital transmission over terrestrial was replacing analog transmission. I started exploring the capabilities of FTA receivers and the FTA programming available via these boxes purely as a hobby. Internet search about FTA led me to websites such as FTAZeta and others which I ended up subscribing to. These websites appeared to discuss all things related to FTA programming. While on these websites, I was introduced to an NFPS site Papiao.TV that was offering access to Asian channels showing cricket games in exchange for a donation to keep the website up and running.

    In exchange for my donation, I was given a promotional code (which I came to know as an IKS code) to access the Asian channels. At no point was there any mention of the source of the content within the website discussion forum or the NFPS Papiao.TV site. I did not believe that access to the channels was an illegal activity and it involved accessing Pay TV signals without proper authorization. Based on my understanding of the situation that I was receiving access to an upgraded FTA service and that I was not breaking any laws, I proceeded to purchase an IKS code.

    My experience with the IKS code was not positive. I ended up purchasing additional codes since I was not able to access the channels that the seller (Papiao.TV) was promising and the support was almost non-existent. Upon further research, I came to understand the actual mechanisms which were being used to access unauthorized content. I immediately stopped the activity on my end as the implications were serious. I truly regret my actions and sincerely apologize for my behavior.

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