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Statement from a pirate - "I should have known better"

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  • Statement from a pirate - "I should have known better"

    Received August 5, 2019.

    The note is to formally apologise for any wrong doing, or illegal actions I have mistakenly done concerning receiving programming from DN or Nagrastar.

    I had answered an add which promised many free TV channels for a small subscription fee yearly. I only had to purchase an inexpensive receiver which hooked up to my internet. Unknowingly, after I received the receiver I was then instructed to purchase a license to a subscription which was ‘supposedly above board’.

    I should have known better, as things which are too good to be true usually are. Due to my total (documented 85% disabled) disability, limited& fixed SSDI income I thought this was a great way to get more channels of TV.

    Here, where I live we only get 5-6 over the air channels, and have very few options for TV, so this seemed to be a great answer to obtaining more TV channels.

    Again, I had no idea what I had done was illegal, and ask for some leniency, and understanding from your company. I will not ever do this again, and will tell anyone who asks or talks about these scams / opportunists to not spend a penny or even think about trying it.

    I am truly sorry for any loss I’ve caused you, and am prepared to settle this matter, even though it will be a hard financial burden upon myself, and my family.

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