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Statement from a pirate - "Don't waste your time and money"

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  • Statement from a pirate - "Don't waste your time and money"

    Received August 5, 2019.

    To Whom It May Concern,

    A few years back, I visited numerous FTA websites after a Google search and end up buying an FTA receiver from eBay. In the beginning I was just fine with what Free To Air (FTA) free channels can offer as a hobby and end up signing up with numerous FTA forums to download files to update my receiver. And then the time comes of not being satisfied with the limited channels you get from just purely FTA, I end up buying an IKS codes from FishTV and tried to see if it actually worked and in fact it did at first then eventually few months later, it always freezes and most of the time the IKS was down then five months after buying the subscription, it totally stopped.

    The $90 I paid FishTV to circumvent NagraStar and DishNetwork encryption security will ultimately cost me [REDACTED] because I decided to take that route. The lesson I learned from this is, don't waste your time and money, if you want a satellite service, get a legitimate subscription. Don't do it like the big mistake I did, they will catch you sooner or later!

    In closing, I really regret in making this stupid decision and it will not happen again, I apologized to NagraStar and DishNetwork for the big mistake I made, we are only human and prone to make mistakes, but in this case, a costly mistake! Learn from my own mistake so you will never be in the same costly path I travelled.

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