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Statement from a long-time pirate - "They made it seem so easy"

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  • Statement from a long-time pirate - "They made it seem so easy"

    Received August 23, 2019.

    I first learned about pirate satellite receivers in 2008. They made it seem so easy that I'd be fool not to try it out. Just get yourself an FTA receiver, flash it with a file and you were set. So at that point I was hooked. Like I said, everything was easy...until Dish upgraded their encryption and everyone's receivers stopped working. For a while i was least until I found out about IKS. Suddenly, for only a few bucks a year, I could get my "free" TV back. While it wasn't great, due to the constant lock ups, it was still something to watch and the price still made it seem worth it. I finally got out of the IKS game in 2017 when the "provider" that I went through finally did away with their IKS service. So I thought everything to do with IKS was behind me until I got my letter from Nagrastar. I freaked out..well alot but after doing my research online about who they were and why they do what they do I decided to man up and give them a call. We worked out a settlement that I believe both sides are happy with. I am truly sorry for my actions in the past and can only hope that this statement will deter others from a life of piracy. It's not worth it folks. You'll eventually get caught and you'll be sorry.

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