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Statement from a curious pirate - "I was violating a federal law"

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  • Statement from a curious pirate - "I was violating a federal law"

    Received October 4, 2019.

    I first learned about IKS a few years ago, and the technology got my attention. It all started as a technical
    curiosity. I had found it quite interesting. At first I wanted to know how it worked, so I decided to try it.
    That is when I purchased an FTA receiver and I learned about making a donation to a provider. The
    system was technically smart, but often was not even working for days. At that time I did not think
    about the possible consequences of my actions. Obviously I was violating a federal law and what I did
    was a mistake.
    The fact that it was something that I regret having done became clear years later when I received a
    letter from Nagrastar. At first I thought it was an extortion letter, but then I understood the seriousness
    of matter. So I decided to take responsibility for my actions and I called the Nagrastar people. We
    agreed on a settlement payment.
    If this statement of mine is of any help to others, my suggestions are not to ignore the letter from
    Nagrastar, if you receive one, and to refrain from engaging in piracy activities.

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