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Statement from a pirate - "There’s no such thing as free"

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  • Statement from a pirate - "There’s no such thing as free"

    Received December 17, 2019

    Sometime ago back in 2013 I went to buy a simple “cable box” capable of providing what it is known as free to air (FTA) signal from available satellite services. Been from outside mainland US, I purchase the box and after a few weeks receive the option offer of changing a numeric value in the box and supposedly I will be able to “capture” more channels from other satellite providers around the world. Not to my knowledge that the box was feeding its signal from a decrypted place in the internet and the signal belonging to satellite company Dish network. Even though I was not able to use this box for much time, six years later I got stuck with a debt and a very unsavory taste of been label a satellite signal pirate. Very unfortunate and unpleasant situation for me and of course the satellite company. So, take it from me there’s no such thing as free, this services most of them are illegal, and copyrighted, no such thing unless you want to go to jail, avoid them at all cause.

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