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Statement from a Papiao.TV pirate - "Do not try to beat the system"

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  • Statement from a Papiao.TV pirate - "Do not try to beat the system"

    Received December 16, 2019

    I started all of this nonsense five years ago suggested by a friend that said it was legit and no laws were broken. He assured me it was dish network company at a lower cost because of lower quality. I should have known from the beginning that it was to good to be true. Did not do my research upfront and I am now paying for it, five years later. I always fought with freezing and the box being down for days. Another red flag. But I persisted, logging on to forms suggested by my friend that would tell me how to fix these problems. I am ashamed to say that I stuck with it for so long because in the back of my mind I had that funny feeling that something here might be illegal. i don't blame it on the friend that started me into this. I blame myself, after all it was my own actions that did not pull the plug on it. Just my own advice for people out there using IKS or thinking about subscribing to one is DONT! Saving a buck in the beginning is not worth the hassle and lump sum of money its going to cost you in the end. Free is not free, especially this day in age. I completely understand the actions Dish Network has taken against the end users and providers. They are losing tons of money and customers because of piracy. Just do yourself a favor folks and go get a legal TV provider like everyone else and do not try to beat the system because you will be caught.

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