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Statement from a Fish TV pirate - "The service was an obvious sham"

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  • Statement from a Fish TV pirate - "The service was an obvious sham"

    Received December 17, 2019

    There's no such thing as a free lunch. I had dropped a satellite provider some years ago but never took the dish down. A neighbor down the street told me the dish was still of value if I just used the right equipment and had a code from a site he was using. Intrigued I bought a free-to-air receiver and logged onto the recommended site, Fishtv, and bought a subscription. Big waste of money and time. Once up and running, the service was an obvious sham. Never did get all the channels promised and those that were available froze frequently. Not to mention the sleaziness of a business that actively tries to convince you what you're doing is in some way legal or at least takes advantage of some gray area in intellectual property law. Anyway, unimpressed, I took it all down and put the receiver in the attic and went with the various streaming services available like Netflix, Amazon, and the lot. Then a letter from Nagrastar years later. If you're reading this and are on the fence about responding do yourself a favor and make the call. The individual I talked to was courteous and explained the situation in a clear and professional manner. This is your chance, like mine, to put this episode behind you and move forward without the worry of even more dire consequences hanging over your head.

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