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Statement from a Papiao.TV pirate - "I am now paying for my mistake"

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  • Statement from a Papiao.TV pirate - "I am now paying for my mistake"

    Received April 10, 2020

    Several years ago, I had gone to a flea market in the Metro Detroit area. While I was there looking various shops within the flea market. I had came across a shop selling satellite receivers that would provide tv programming services at a much cheaper rate than I was paying at the time. I looked more into it and didn’t think it was illegal at all. The guy explained to me that I would be able to use my current satellite dish installed and just switch receivers and put in a code by paying a yearly fee. I was very intrigued and had purchased a receiver. The guy had provided me information to go with and be able to purchase something called a “donation”. I questioned on why they called it a donation, when I was actually purchasing a service, but didn’t think much of it. I entered the code into the receiver and was receiving satellite programing. I used the service for a year because the code was valid for a year. After my year had expired, I obtained the code again however, this time I was warned by a family member of what was going on and how the code was decrypting Dish Networks signals. At that point I had immediately disconnected the receiver and purchased Cable T.V through the company that was providing me internet service. Fast forward to 2020, I received a letter from NagraStar and Dish Network stating that I had illegally had obtained their signals.

    I agree that I did purchase these codes and a receiver, but was completely clueless to the fact that it was illegal. Would I have known it was illegal, I would have never done it. I apologize and regret the fact that this ever happened. I had no intention of causing any one harm or any damages. As soon as I was aware it was illegal, I had promptly stopped and purchased Cable T.V. I am now paying for my mistake and my error, especially during these hard times when saving is very crucial. I have learned from this mistake, and that I should always purchase from a trusted and reliable source rather than a sketchy person at a flea market.

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