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Statement from a Papiao.TV pirate - "Not worth the whole thing"

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  • Statement from a Papiao.TV pirate - "Not worth the whole thing"

    Received July 6, 2020

    everything started in Puerto Rico, I went on a trip and noticed lots of homes with huge antenna dishes on their homes. went to a few bars and also noticed the satellite dishes. me being curious I asked and everyone was stating that they have satellite tv and that they pick up hundreds of channels by purchasing and installing these boxes. one guy even told me that if I wanted to learn more that I could go to satellite forums and read more on them. he told me to go to FTA Beta. In that forum, some people referenced other forums. it was not a one place for all your needs forum, you needed to go one place to download Firmware's for your boxes, one place sold dishes and cabling, one sold boxes pre configured and then the one site papiao sold the codes. I believe you needed an invite to get into papiao. went to the site and saw that it was cheaper to buy 10 codes instead of 4, So I went and purchased 10. then once you set up your dish, align it to a specific satellite and your box is getting good signal you type in the code for papiao. the codes are inactive, you need the MAC address of the box in order to make it work. in the papiao site you type in your specific MAC address and you click activate, not much more to it. then ever so often the programing will drop, or only a few channels will work, no HD content, No programming guide, lots of freezing, it was more of a head ache that anything really. you constantly had to update the boxes Firmware by going to a forum and look for the new software, put it on a usb drive then to the box and then put in the same code again. not worth the whole thing.

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