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Statement from a Papiao.TV pirate - "A Learning experience on all levels"

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  • Statement from a Papiao.TV pirate - "A Learning experience on all levels"

    Received July 16, 2020

    A Learning experience on all levels.

    The initial response when you get the letter is to ignore it. Who is Nagrastar? And why do they want money? You conclude it must be a scam. You hear about scams all the time. The scammers’ goal is always to instill fear and demand payment. The idea of the letter being a scam settles in and you begin to feel better. You put the letter away and forget about it.

    Then sometime later, you receive an email with more information and you realize this can’t be a scam. It’s something more serious and should be looked into. You try hard to remember six to seven years back to recall exactly what the letter is talking about. Oh yes! You recall and now it’s a problem. It is something real and it must be dealt with.

    It is not something you feel like doing, but you know it has to be done. You realize that it’s not something you can handle on your own and you might need someone to help make sense of it all. You know that you cannot hide from this and dealing with it is the best thing you can do to move forward.

    Once you decide to make that first contact and they explain the situation and how it can be resolved, you start to feel better. You realize that getting yourself to begin dealing with it was difficult. However, you feel good about taking the first step. Now the unknowns are clearer, but you still have some questions and concerns.

    You decide to move forward but still unsure even after you come to an agreement. You don’t want to be misled or make the wrong choices. You second-guess everything, but eventually you come to your senses and realize it is real and you become aware of what you must do.

    The experience and cost of dealing with something like this makes you realize that it is never worth it. Your mindset shifts and you begin to think not in fear but in confidence. You feel better you did your best to deal with everything to make things right. You move forward knowing a lot more about Nagrastar than you ever wanted!

    After everything is settled, you start to feel better and realize how this was a great learning experience on all levels. The entire experience becomes a lasting reminder for you to stay away from this stuff. You realize that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but from here on doing the right thing is your only option.

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