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Statement from a Boom Media IPTV Pirate - "I will become an advocate against piracy"

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  • Statement from a Boom Media IPTV Pirate - "I will become an advocate against piracy"

    Received June 17, 2021

    My name is [REDACTED] and I'd like to present my statement and an apology to Dish Network, NagraStar and any affiliates thereof. I am truly sorry for any harm that I've caused to the company(s) and I know that ignorance is not a defense but in the beginning I truly thought what I was doing was not illegal.

    I first got into streaming sometime in early 2017, by just doing research on YouTube and the Internet in regard to the Kodi Media Player. I had heard and viewed some videos about Kodi and eventually I came across something called Boom Kodi. Boom Kodi appeared to be some type of add on for the Kodi Media Player that would allow me to view movies and TV shows through this media player. They had a link to their website, and I believe in early 2017 I purchased there Kodi add on called Boom Kodi as a customer of Boom Media. This was on demand Movies and TV shows. I then begin to hear about Vader Streams which was live TV, Sports, movies and it really interests me, so I bought Vader Streams from Boom as a customer. This was an add on that you can add to the Kodi Media Player, so now I had live TV and on-demand movies and TV shows. I then thought to myself how I could share this with my family and friends, so I reached out and asked about reselling Vader Streams. Even though I built a website and posted a few things back in 2017, I quickly came to realize that that was not the right thing to do, and I stopped and never posted anything again. I never sold anything related to these codes via that website, Facebook, YouTube, or online. This was strictly something for me personally and my family and some friends. Yes, I sold codes but not really for profit just for being able to have a low-cost way to watch live TV movies and TV shows. I'm truly sorry for my part in this process and this will never happen again with me, and I will become an advocate against piracy and illegal acts going forward.

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