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Statement from a Vader Streams IPTV reseller- "I would never have sought to do business with them"

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  • Statement from a Vader Streams IPTV reseller- "I would never have sought to do business with them"

    Received October 11, 2021

    I write this letter and statement of facts in apology to DISH Networks for the unintentional unauthorized access to their content. I first came into contact with Vader Streams, which I later learned to be an unauthorized service, after hearing about a person selling streaming subscriptions and boxes at a local flea market in [REDACTED]. While I am unsure of who the seller was, I later researched Vader Streams under the impression that it was a legitimate business with the option of becoming a reseller.

    While I purchased a small number of subscription credits from Vader Streams, SET TV and Simply TV, I later ran into issues with the contacts for those entities related to credits. Once I learned that the operations were not in fact authorized services, I immediately ceased all activity with the companies. Had I known from the start that such services were not authorized, I would never have sought to do business with them. I realize now that such operations serve to hinder the business of DISH and similar companies and am sorry for any interactions with the illicit entities.

    My involvement with the illicit organizations was limited in scope due to the issues I ran into early on with the entities and my discovering their illicit nature. I am not in possession of any hardware associated with the streams. I never had any website or service of my own, but rather was limited to a small number of reseller credits. I do not have a list of customers of the services nor a reseller list due to the limited scope of my involvement. Further, I no longer have login credentials as I took actions to separate myself from the services upon learning of their true nature. The only people involved with the operations that I have knowledge of are [REDACTED] and Christopher Lavell due to my limited email correspondence with them to purchase the reseller credits. Any documentation which I now have in my control or discover will be sent to NagraStar accordingly. Please accept this letter as an apology.

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