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Figliomeni crime family busted through laundering, gambling crimes: police

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  • Figliomeni crime family busted through laundering, gambling crimes: police

    Jul 18, 2019
    Author: Jeremy Grimaldi

    Photo: Steve Somerville/Torstar

    After years of murders, shootings and arsons linked to organized crime and, more specifically, the Mafia in Vaughan, police say they have finally made a dent in one of the crime families that investigators believe is behind some of the violence.

    Angelo Figliomeni, head of the Figliomeni crime family, which police say is a cell of Italy's infamous crime group the 'Ndrangheta, has been arrested as part of York Regional Police's largest ever project targeting organized crime.

    The 56-year-old Vaughan resident has been charged with laundering money, directing a criminal organization, defrauding the Canadian government and other offences.

    Police further arrested eight members of his alleged crime family, who are charged with loan sharking and illegal gaming. One other man is wanted.

    As part of the almost two-year old wire tap and surveillance investigation that coalesced with raids involving 500 officers and 48 warrants on July 12, police seized a stunning amount of goods worth $35 million, including 23 high-end cars (including five Ferraris, one worth $880,000), 27 allegedly mafia-owned houses, and $1 million in cash.

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