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Netflix-backed ACE sinks another video piracy threat

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  • Netflix-backed ACE sinks another video piracy threat

    4 Oct 2018 [ Alliances Organizations ]

    The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), a legal coalition backed by several big name programmers, studios and OTT players, has been roaming the seas of the Internet in search of alleged pirates. Increasingly, ACE has been focused on individuals that are believed to be supplying repositories and Kodi "add-ons" that can pipe in ill-gotten movies, TV shows and other premium content. ACE -- which includes Netflix Inc., CBS Corp., Paramount Pictures, Sky , Hulu LLC and Inc. among its backers -- has had some success suing TickBox and Dragonbox – two companies accused of selling "full-loaded" Kodi streaming devices that enable consumers to buy packages of live TV channels for cents on the dollar or access TV shows and movies (including some still in theaters) for free. But now the consortium has tweaked its game a in the form of letters directed at suspected piracy threats.

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