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Digital Sleuths: Video Piracy Abets Hackers

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  • Digital Sleuths: Video Piracy Abets Hackers

    25 Apr 2019 [ Market Data ]

    Devices consumers use to pirate digital copies and live streams of TV shows and movies appear also to be allowing for the theft of their owners' data in that Faustian bargain. That is according to a nine-month probe by the Digital Citizens Alliance, which said that jailbroken Fire TV sticks and Kodi Boxes are being used by hackers to steal user names and passwords and breach networks. The group has been hammering on the pirate-hacking connection for some time, producing a slick video last year to try and educate the public. A study by bandwidth tracker Sandvine last year suggested that as much as 6% of all homes in North America had a Kodi open source media player in some form of content piracy mode.

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